VCD PLUS Plans directly addresses cost at time of service.

What most consumers don’t realize is that out of pocket costs are usually dictated by their conglomerate vision plan. Not only that but they also don’t know that the vast majority of those fees that doctors are forced to collect, are taken back by the plan itself.

These additional charges are also created because most vision plans provide basic frame and lens coverage but don’t provide reimbursements for modern lens designs and lens enhancements that most patients need.

PLUS Plans can save members between $120 and $300.

By providing coverage on key items like AR and digital progressives, we are able to shrink time of service bills. That means happier employees, and an annual renewing contract for you.

Wellness Exam

Your eyes are the windows to your health. There are 16 different medical conditions that can be found during a comprehensive eye exam. That’s why it’s always required by Vision Care Direct.

Our exams also include refraction and dilation at no additional charge. Adding a wellness eye exam can actually lower health care costs overall and have a positive impact on those premiums.

High Definition
Progressive Lenses

PLUS plans include coverage for digital freeform progressive lenses that reduce distortion and provide a more comfortable progression from distance to near.

These designs can add hundreds of dollars to your out of pocket cost with most vision plans. When considering the overall cost of a vision plan it’s important to know what your clients will pay when they get to the doctor’s office.

Anti-Reflection Coating

Our AR coating is an eight layer stacked design and has hydrophobic properties so it repels water and dust. It also has oleophobic layer which helps it stay clean and oil free and it’s super tough to resist most scratches.

Our AR has the highest rating possible for optical coatings of its kind. AR coatings typically cost an additional $90 to $190. With VCD PLUS Plans they’re included!

We do what the other guys can’t (or won’t)

As a doctor owned pre-paid vision plan, we are able to offer allowances that insurance companies can’t.

Flexible Exam Option

Have double coverage for your eye exam or a medical condition that requires your doctor to file under your health insurance?

With most plans you’d lose your exam allowance due to coordination of coverage. With Vision Care Direct you can use what the doctor would have been paid to cover additional lens treatments, member fees or a nicer frame. Just another way that we provide an extra layer of value.**

No Rx? Plenty of options.

If a member, or a members’ dependents don’t have a need for prescription lenses you can still use your plan for non-presription sunglasses.

With most plans you wouldn’t have any allowance for optical products. With VCD you can use your full frame allowance to purchase those cool shades that protect your eyes and make life more comfortable outside.