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Low monthly cost rarely equates to best value, and it usually means a higher cost at time of service. This means employees will actually be spending more and getting less.
Vision Care Direct pays a level 10% commission as long as the business is on the books. We do not offer a bonus program at this time, but we also never cut your percentage throughout the life of the contract, no mater the volume. In addition, since VCD doesn’t have the lowest monthly cost your commission amount is higher. So even though VCD PLUS plans do offer the lowest overall cost for employees when cost at time of service is considered, your commissions remain profitable. That’s a win for everyone!
Vision Care Direct historically has very stable rates. Many of our companies have enjoyed the same rates for 10 years or longer. In some cases we have actually held rates steady while increasing benefits. Our goal is to quote rates that will have long term stability. If you would like to have a two year rate guarantee, please indicate that on your RFP and we will calculate accordingly. Vision Care Direct always provides rates that are realistic for the group and does not attempt to buy business with artificially low rates with the intent of making it up in subsequent years.
Vision Care Direct has no age limit for dependendents.
Vision Care Direct is not insurance and therefore does not carry a rating from A.M. Best or other insurance rating entities. Our rating comes from our agents, client companies and members. References from long and short term clients may be provided upon request. The fact that VCD has over 90% retention in most markets shows that we put our agents , companies and members first.
For individuals, there is no waiting period and no underwriting. Members of group plans sponsored by their employers are subject to guidelines created by each employer.
For groups, the employer determines eligibility and we follow their guidelines. Members must be on the payroll to be eligible and may include all of their dependents as determined by the company. Any individual may enroll in an individual plan by paying their membership on an annual basis with a check or credit card. Monthly bank draft payments may also be accepted in some markets as long as the individual has a valid checking account.