Good for Employees, Employers, and Good for You

Why PLUS Plans?

In the vision plan marketplace, the monthly payment race to the bottom has led to vision plans that are cheap for companies, bad for the employees, and of little value to the busy benefits agent.

While vision plans may be one of the smaller items on your spreadsheet of benefits due to it’s relative affordability, the right vision plan can add real value to your overall benefits package and be highly beneficial to employee health and productivity. By providing comprehensive eye health exams and covering for essential lens enhancements like digital free form progressives and premium quality AR coating, co

With VCD PLUS plans you get just that. Our members have access to a network of independent practice optometrists that care for their eyes and their health. With PLUS plans that cover frame, lenses up to a digital progressive, and AR for a member payment of just $15, our members get the right materials at the right price to ensure excellent vision.

Employers and employees love us. Once a group starts with VCD, 90% of them renew year after year. Request a quote or give us a call to find out why.

Frames and lenses for just $15?

Our package approach provides great value and opportunity for client companies, members and our broker team.

In these times of escalating premiums on health insurance and other ancillary benefits, offering a plan that lowers out of pocket costs can elevate you in the eyes of your client companies and their employees.

Our PLUS Plans include features that can save members between $120 and $300 depending on their prescription.

On many plans, patients are left to pay for AR coatings and other lens enhancements which can quickly add up. VCD PLUS covers AR, arguably the most necessary lens enhancement that increased lens durability, prevents scratching and makes for safer night time driving by eliminating haloing effects. This alone can save the member anywhere from $75-$200 when they buy their glasses.

While many plans offer coverage for conventional progressive lenses, few doctors want to prescribe the outdated conventional design. Once the cutting edge, conventional progressives have been far surpassed by the distortion free digital free form designs, which offers clear vision at any angle. So patients end up paying out of pocket for the progressive they thought was covered, just to get the baseline of what is now standard in optical technology. With VCD PLUS, lenses from single vision all the way up to state of the art digital free form progressives are covered.

One Plan, Two Options

You sell one plan, and the member works with the office to decide which option works best for them. This gives employees the flexibility to sign up now and choose the specifics together with their doctor.

The standard frame and lens allowance is accepted by all Vision Care Direct Doctors, but we have added PLUS options available at select VCD PLUS providers that offer extended benefits including AR coverage and discounted package pricing.

Good For Business

The VCD PLUS plan program has proven to be an effective tool in lowering employee’s costs at time of service. That means happier clients for you.

It’s well known that a vision plan that pays for an exam is great, but when they leave you out to dry when it comes to materials, you start to get employees complaining to HR, which means HR goes shopping for a new contract.

Put yourself on the winning side of that search with VCD PLUS plans. We will always put the doctor and their patients first because we are not an insurance company. Rather, we are a network of independent optometrists committed to patient care through preserving independent optometry.